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*** UPDATE: As of April 30, 2014 the older URLs appear to have been fixed by the dA developers. Please check your URLs to be sure yours are working once again, if not you may want to submit a ticket with the Help Desk. ***

Attention Stockers

It has recently come to my attention that the URL to my stock rules which is on all 2,013 of my deviations, no longer points to the stock rules journal.  For some unknown reason, deviantART staff has changed the method of identifying our individual journals. Instead of our older URLs pointing to a specific journal, they lead you to your journal homepage. 

I am not the only person affected by this change. I scoured my extensive watch list and looking at every stocker I personally watch and many of them have the exact same thing happening.

The following stockers may want to update their rules on their deviations:













I am sure there are many, many more, so please, if you come across a stocker whose rule URL leads you to their journal homepage, please let them know!! You may send them this journal for explanation. 

A Quick Fix Until You Can Update Your Deviations

If you are a stocker who has had your URL changed, add a new journal with your rules so that it is the very first journal in your journal homepage. 

Not All Are Affected

It seems that if you posted the thumb code to your journal in your Artist Description then you were spared this major inconvenience. 

Christmas Elf Contest - WINNERS

Mon Feb 10, 2014, 1:08 PM

1st Place

Tangled Up by SleepyHeadKL

Tangled Up by SleepyHeadKL
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A Crown for His Queen - Elsa and Jack Frost by SleepyHeadKL BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS BANANAS by SleepyHeadKL Speed Paint, Concepting- Crystal Tunnel by SleepyHeadKL

2nd Place

Stables in the North ACEO by Keyshe54

Stables in the North (ACEO) by Keyshe54

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Rising Red Song by Keyshe54 Celestial Tag (Moon side) by Keyshe54 Celestial Tag (Sun side) by Keyshe54

3rd Place

Surfer Elf by hyenacub

Surfer Elf by hyenacub

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Elvin Child by hyenacub The Surrender by hyenacub Hakuna Matata - 6 by hyenacub

Honorable Mention from DamselStock/ADamselinDesign

Wish I Could Ride With Santa by MataHari22

Wish I Could Ride With Santa by MataHari22

Honorable Mention from SewfulCreations

Glowing for Christmas by AmbrosePhoenix

Glowing For Christmas by AmbrosePhoenix

Honorable Mention from SethMJones

Christmas Elves by ShawnaMac

Christmas Elves Contest Entry by ShawnaMac

Congratulations to all the winners! I will contact you each regarding your prizes in the next few days! 

You should be receiving your prizes from our very generous donors shortly, as well.

Thank you to all who donated prizes, I sincerely appreciate it!



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First, I created a new folder for contests so if any of you are hosting contests you can now submit the journal with the details to the "Contests" folder.

Second, I am now allowing Premium Content stock to be uploaded to the regular folders considering so many stockers are going all premium. Donation, prize and exclusive stock packs, however, should still be submitted to the "Premium & Exclusive Stock" folder.

And finally, I would love to be able to upgrade this group to a super group so we can use a custom journal skin, add group subfolders, use polls and many of the other super group perks. I have set up a separate group donation pool account where anyone can donate to, but this way it keeps group points out of my personal points.

DamselStock has limited the viewing of this artwork
to members of the deviantART community only.

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